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Threadlifts are one of the latest ways to achieve nonsurgical facial tightening. EuroThreads® can help you look 10 years younger in just one hour! This remarkable treatment is offered by Roy Heron, MD, and the aesthetic team of providers at Heron Med Spa in Alexandria, Virginia. The process involves injecting resorbable surgical sutures just under the skin to stimulate collagen development and add support to your skin. Call the office or book an appointment online to learn how you can benefit from this minimally invasive procedure.

PDO Threads Q & A

What are aesthetic laser treatments?

EuroThreads treatment can tighten and lift skin on the face, neck, and body. EuroThreads are made from biodegradable polymers called polydioxanone (PDA) sutures.

These threads, often used for medical applications, are fully absorbed by your body within 4-6 months and cause no scar tissue.

A thread lift involves injecting these PDO threads just under the skin so they raise and tighten sagging tissue. Lax skin tissue is pulled upwards, so you get an immediately more youthful look.

The injections also stimulate collagen production to help boost your skin’s elasticity and strength. Finally, the EuroThreads cause fat tissue to contract and enhance blood vessels to further improve your skin’s tautness.

How do EuroThreads treatments give you the look of a facelift?

A EuroThreads lift offers a way to get the look of a facelift without actually undergoing surgery. EuroThreads reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, including crow’s feet, nasolabial folds, and lines around the mouth. They also do the following for aging skin:

  • Lift slack neck tissue
  • Boost sagging jowls and jawline
  • Fill in sunken or loose cheeks
  • Diminish the look of scars and melasma
  • Treat creases under and around the eyes

Dr. Heron can talk with you about how EuroThreads can address your specific aesthetic concerns.

How do EuroThreads treatments affect sagging skin on the body?

EuroThreads are useful in addressing sagging or loose skin on various areas of your body. For example, use EuroThreads to lift the skin on the upper arms, abdomen, or chest. Both men and women can benefit from EuroThreads body treatments.

What happens during a EuroThreads lift?

EuroThreads lifts are minimally invasive and involve no incisions or blood loss. Dr. Heron applies a local anesthetic to the desired treatment area to reduce the sensation of the injections. He uses a specially made needle to insert the invisible threads into your skin.

The threads anchor the skin and lift it upwards. Each procedure lasts about 15-30 minutes, depending on where you’re receiving treatment.

To learn how you can get a lifted, youthful look without surgery, call Heron Med Spa or book a consultation online for information about EuroThreads.

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